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Website Update January 14, 2007

Itís funny how sometimes Iíll see something that immediately seems to pick up on my mood at the time.  The graphic image on this page is one of those.  While it is not anything like the winter-type image I usually use in wintertime, for this year at least it is an indication of my present mood.


Anyone who gardens, or loves to garden, knows that at this time of year it is the time to plan ahead.  To pore through seed catalogues, make lists and begin the first preparations for any growing to be done in the coming year.  It is the season of promise, as I like to think of it, when you are full of dreams and hopes for a beautiful and bountiful garden by the end of the new growing season.


While the old boots in the graphic could mean those you tramp around in a garden in, even if they were not they would still be appropriate here, as I am just now getting back to putting things away from our move last fall, since Iíve been ill the entire time since that move.


I feel sort of like Iím awaking from a sleep, and it feels good to be able to think about new things, to plan to make changes, to take the opportunity to make this new home ours by adding our personality to it.


Our neighborhood is very quiet this time of year here, and our weather has in general been much milder than the storms and flood of last year.  In the past week or two of this new year, however, it has grown colder, and winter is settling in.  We now seem to have literally hundreds of small, ground-feeding birds who are depending on us for winter feed, and amazingly, not all the hummingbirds left for the winter.  We bring their food in each night so it will not freeze, and put it back out again each morning.


Yesterday was our coldest morning, and it was just 17 degrees F out there.  Weíd been talking about getting better prepared for colder weather, and Jim did put up some emergency water, in case our lines froze or something.  Talking about it is not the same as experiencing it, though, especially if you are Jim, because your eyes just donít open until youíve had your first cup of coffee.


Our lines did not actually freeze, but rather something in a switch of the pump that controls our water storage.  The result was the same, however; there was no water.  He worked through it, and he doesnít even grumble at that point.  He canít function well enough to grumble, he just silently goes through whatever he has to, so he can get that cup of coffee inside and move forward with the day.


We had guests each of the past two days, and thatís unusual in itself this time of year, but it was very welcome.


I am adding my most recent medical updates to the website, and they can be found here at Journal Updates.


I continue to experiment with food in our diets as I can, and with Jimís help when Iím forced to function at less than sufficient for it.  Weíve had some great meals lately, and that has helped me to maintain a better balance in how my body functions, and how well I feel despite the other problems.


Just today I felt the need for something different, wanted a pasta meal, but wanted it to be a ďlightĒ one, not one loaded down with rich cream sauce or heavy tomato sauce.  I will try to get this dish that we had into the recipe section.  I was not very well, so I donít have all exact measurements, but it has room for a lot of variation and changes to suit individual tastes, so exact measurements arenít necessary.  It was very good.


I have some work to do yet to continue to transfer information to this new computer (now a year old, actually), so it is still not completely functional as Iíd like it to be.


We are in transition in our ďgreat room,Ē just now moving things to more permanent positions so the room will function best for us.  This is taking some time, because so much is involved in that.  We have a ďbankĒ of computer equipment, desks, etc., that extends more than 10 feet, so it is a serious consideration when planning a room no larger than this one, that has to serve several functions.  It is our living area, our office and our dining area.


My highest priority is to de-clutter, clean up and be able to keep neat, clean and dust-free this area, so we need to make a built-in above the desks to handle what it is necessary to have out.  We plan a long open shelf that will be sort of like a series of cubes along the wall above the desks, holding necessary papers and other supplies that must be available on a daily basis.


Each day we whittle away at it and gain ground.  Trying to remove the clutter of years of paperwork is not fast, especially in the circumstances, but Iím spurred on by the realization that once it is done and all organized, life will be ever so much more pleasant.


If you've reached this site looking for Alaska information, you are in the right place even if it doesn't look like it, and if you'll click on this Alaska Page you'll be taken to Alaska instantly. We have moved from Alaska, but all my Alaska pages and information are still intact on the website, as are the pages about Oregon, where we also lived until recently. You can still find out about the wildlife, read stories, see photos of the beautiful scenery, learn about gold prospecting, find facts and information about the state, and much, much more!  For Oregon information, scroll down to the site index and you'll find some pages about Oregon listed in the section under "Oregon Fun/Adventure."


Site Index


Alaska, The Last Frontier

In this section you'll find the wildlife, the spectacular scenery, the frontier life and lots of good, valuable information to help you learn about Alaska's Interior.

  Introduction to Alaska
  Alaska, the Last Frontier!
  Alaska Facts,  Figures & Info 
  Alaska Gold Prospecting  Info 
  Alaska Gold 1898 (1898 reprint
  Alaska Recreation  
  Alaska's Aurora Borealis
  Alaska Trivia  


Alaska Fun/Adventure

Here you'll find some of the most spectacular scenery in the world and tales of all the things that are special to Alaska, truly a most special place to live! 

 Summer Vacation 2001!
 Hunting 2001-Brothers Reunite
 "A Moose Attack!" (True story)
 Jim's Alaska Hunting
Jim's Alaska Trapping
Jim's Alaska Fishing 
Alaskan Sourdough's Story
 First Trip to Mighty Yukon River
 "You Know You're Alaskan..."
 Winter 1999-2000 Trips  
 Marcie's First Moose Hunt  


Gold Prospecting

Jim and I share a love of gold prospecting, and here I've gathered some of the pages referring to that special activity for you to look over.  Actually, there are other stories about it in the California section, too.

Jim's Hunt for Gold 2006  NEW!
Alaska Gold Forum (new forum!)

"Scoop" on Prospecting in Alaska
Jim's Gold Prospecting  
Spring Prospecting Trip 1999
USGS Report on the Fortymile
Old-Tyme Bottles
Seneca Ghost Town
"Our Own Gold Mining Claim!"


Oregon Fun/Adventure

Here are stories about the fun we had while we were living in Central Oregon, with the great Cascade Mtns. on one side of us, and the high desert of Oregon on the other.  Spectacular place!

 On the Oregon Trail
 On the Oregon Trail 2
 On the Oregon Trail 3

Oregon Trail-Dairies 
Glass Buttes, Oregon
 Ontario, Oregon



Jim's Website

Jim Foley's Alaska!
Alaska Trapper's Forum 
The Alaska Gold Forum 

Jim has a unique perspective on Alaska after spending more than 30 years there. visit his site to learn  about hunting, trapping, fishing, and outdoors in Alaska!

The Alaska Gold Forum has just been going great guns.  It is a great place to learn about gold prospecting in Alaska (or elsewhere), or to exchange information with other gold prospectors here and in other states, too.  This is a very active message board that has more than 3,600 members to date, and is increasing daily.  Many more visit it, but don't join, so it is very interesting.







  Valentine's Day
  Jim's Valentine   
St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
  Mother's Day2
  Christmas Card 2004
Christmas Letter 2004


 Thank you very much for stopping by to visit us, and we hope you'll come by to visit us again.  We make changes to the site quite often and add more information.

 And hey... If there's anything you'd like to see us put on our pages, please let us know by email! 

"Yakoke" ~  "Thank you" in Choctaw

About Us

Here you can find out about us, our homes, my battle with cancer, our wonderful Christian Faith, and more.  This section will give you an idea what makes us "tick."

  About Marcie  
My Jim Alaska   
Garden Journal 
Our Mountainside Home 
Cancer Help Section NEW!
My Journal pageUPDATED!
My Faith Update 2006 
My Faith  
How, What and Why?

  My Testimony  
  Our Favorite Links  
Our Alaska Country Cottage
  Country Cottage Update  
 Marcie's Kitchen/Pantry! NEW!


Family History/Genealogy

This section is still quite long and not organized as well as I'd like it, but I'm out of time for this update.  If you'll go to the Family Genealogy Entrance you will find it more organized there, and you'll hopefully be able to navigate through all the families there.  I still have work to do there, too, in some of the family pages. Please bear with me for now, but let me know of any problems, and be sure to identify what page name you are on when you have them.  Thanks!

  Family Genealogy Entrance to all
     these pages and more...UPDATED!

Searching for YOUR Ancestors
Where Do We Come From?
Burks & Castleberry - from 1661
  Campbell - from the early 1800s
  Campbell Family Life
  Choctaw Introduction
  1817-1860 Map of OK Indian Territory
1884 Map of OK Indian Territory
1972 Map of Bryan Co., Oklahoma
  Compton Lineage
Durant LIneage - from 1720 Canada 

Farrar Descendants  
Foley Lineage - from the Civil War
Folsom - from 1615 in England

  Nathaniel Folsom's Memoirs  
  The Town of Gloucester, Mass.
Gordon Lineage - From 1803 Ireland
Greel Family - From the Azores
Hampton - from 1841 Mississippi

Hampton-Daniel Anderson  
  McClure Lineage - from 1805
McClure: Church at Mtn. Dale 
McClure/Campbell Photos
McClure/Campbell Photos 2
  David McCracken, Last Will 1812
McCracken Lineage
McCracken's Station Map 1790 [TN]
McCracken's Station Map 1830 [TN]
  McCracken/Rogers Burials in NC
  Pioneers of the Rogers Family
Our Rogers Family 
  Rogers Lineage
  The Elopement, 1912
  A Memorial To My Father
  Rogers Family Photos

Asbury Rogers, CSA
Hugh Rogers, Revolutionary War

  Washington, & Thornton, Taliaferro
             And Much, Much more!


California Fun/Adventure

Here is where I'll be adding new pages of fun and adventures, since we recently moved to California.  As I put together this section I realized for the first time that I didn't put anything up in 2005, and I guess that was because we not only didn't have a whole lot of adventure, it was because I was down with a broken ankle almost all summer which severely curtails activities on uneven ground!

 California Dreamin' 
Klamath River, July 4th 2004 
Jim's Hunt for Gold 2006  NEW! 
Living the Dream!  NEW!




My Work

Design Solutions

This portion of the website is designed to provide information to those who are looking for help from someone who is proficient at web design or graphic art design work.

These pages will provide you  with information about my experience, and a few samples of my work in the past.

If you like my work here, please look at my business pages, and don't hesitate to let me know if you think you might want my help, I am willing to work with you. 

I can provide graphic design for printed materials ranging from brochures and business card design to large catalogs and manuals, too.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have.



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